Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this page to enable any frequently asked questions to be answered here. 

Q: What are the size guidelines used to categorise a plot?

  A: Category A* or M (Mini plot ) – up to 100 sq yds     

Category A (Small) – 101-200 sq yds    

 Category B or C (Standard) – 201-400 sq yds     

Category D or E (Large) – 401-600 sq yds

Q: Can I use a hosepipe on my plot?

A: Hosepipes are only permitted to fill water containers (NOTE Excluding the 1000l containers.) Tenants must not water crops directly from a hosepipe. If you are found doing so, you can lose your tenancy.

Q: Is there a maximum size for structures on allotments?

A: There are maximum sizes for structures on allotment plots . All structures (greenhouses, poly tunnels and sheds) must not occupy more that 25% of the area of a plot. Association secretaries will be able to inform on the maximum size and where to place them, you should consult with your Association before purchasing.

Q: Can I have a bonfire on my plot?

A: Yes, bonfires are permitted on allotments/plots. However, there are strict rules regarding bonfires which must be adhered to.

Allotment Rule 6.2 Bonfires are only permitted during the months of March and November for the burning of diseased plant material. Fires should not be allowed to cause a nuisance to neighbouring residents and under no circumstances should be left unattended. Where local circumstances necessitate, bonfires may not be permitted at any time.

Q: Can I have bees on my allotment?

A: Yes. However, any proposal to site hives on an allotment plot must be agreed in advance with the Allotment Association.

Beekeepers must have public liability insurance and be a member of the National Bee Keepers Association.

Q: Can I keep chickens on my plot?

A: Yes. However, the husbandry conditions laid down by the City Council must be observed.