About the Show

Welcome to BDAC Annual Show & Vegetable Competition.

The Birmingham Flower show has existed in various forms since the end of WWII.  The Birmingham & District Allotment Confederation (B.D.A.C.) has been involved in the Birmingham Flower Show in all its forms through to Gardeners Weekend in Kings heath park for more years than anyone in the BDAC can remember.

The Annual Show Committee is a sub-committee of the BDAC Executive and is responsible organising the Annual Show

The Annual Show currently held during August and for the last two years the venue has been the Midlands Art Centre.  Originally the Show was held in Handsworth Park “The Handsworth Flower Show” which became “The Birmingham Flower Show” from 1947 moving to Perry Park. In 1992 we moved again and became the “Gardeners Weekend” event held Kings Heath Park. In 2012 Council were no longer able to fund the Gardener’s Weekend so we lost the event.  Since 2013 B.D.A.C. has been organising Annual Flower and vegetable Competition in various venues around the City. We moved in 2014 to Cannon Hill Park, originally an open-air show in the park itself but in 2018, we moved indoors to the Midlands Art Centre.

We believe the benefits of holding a Show gives us more opportunities to engage with families and promote the benefits of allotment gardening to a wider audience from all areas in the city and is very popular with families.

The centre piece of the of the B.D.A.C. annual show is the Flower and vegetable Competition which show cases the achievements of the plotholders. It is open to all Birmingham’s allotment tenants and associations, so that they can compare produce and it is the BDAC’s way of rewarding their endeavour, with substantial silverware and prize money available, more importantly, for the bragging rights on whose produce is the best! It also serves as a platform to advertise and excel the virtues of Allotment.

The fruit, flower and vegetable competition

The Main purpose of the Flowers, Fruit & Vegetable competitions is to encourage and develop excellence in horticultural practise, maintaining soil fertility, better crop protection pound for pound it gives increases crop yield improves the quality of produce grown with less disease pest and waste.

The Show committee is committed to the promoting Allotment Gardening across Birmingham as a healthy lifestyle.  Allotment gardening provides outdoor activity and exercise, a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables and the opportunity to become part of a supportive community, making life- long friends and we think that it is essential that our Allotments continue to thrive and running this Show allows us to promote the very real benefits of an active lifestyle that can be achieved.