BDAC Annual Show

The B.D.A.C. Annual Flower and vegetable Competition was involved in the Birmingham Gardeners Weekend for more years than anyone in the BDAC can remember. It is open to all Birmingham’s allotment tenants so that they can compete against each other, with substantial silverware and prize money available, more importantly, for the bragging rights on whose produce is the best!

Show 2017

Originally the Show was held in Handsworth Park “The Handsworth Flower Show” which became “The Birmingham Flower Show” from 1947 moving to Perry Park. In 1992 we moved again and joined the “Gardeners Weekend” event held Kings Heath Park.

The Birmingham City Council in 2012 were no longer able to fund the Gardener’s Weekend so we lost the event. Since 2013 B.D.A.C. has been organising Annual Flower and vegetable Competition in various venues around the City.

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