2021 Site Competitions Results

B.D.A.C. City allotment Competitions 2021

To all competitors many thanks for entering the competitions, everyone is to be congratulated for making a great effort and for entering the competitions – Clive Birch.

Florence Pickering Memorial Trophy

Best Newcomer -Winner – Julie Neary – Manor House Lane Allotments

Cliff Jones Memorial Trophy 

Best Plot – Winner – Jan Meakin – Donegal Road Allotments

The Thorpe Trophy

Best Allotment Site – Winner –The Hill Allotment

The Robins Trophy

Most improved Allotment Site – Winner – No Entries submitted 2021

Frank Carter Memorial Trophy

Best Managed Site – Winner – Competition not run 2021 because of Covid 19 restrictions

For complete schedule of results goto – Florence Pickering Cliff Jones Thorpe Trophy

There will be NO Presentation of awards this year 2021 because of Covid 19 restrictions

Any Questions contact  the competition organiser clivebirch@blueyonder.co.uk