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  • Flo Pickering fund application

    The Flo Pickering fund monies are for repairs to ROADS, FENCES and the installation of TOILETS where no toilets exist.
    BDAC need an up-to-date list to ensure that BCC records are correct. So even if you have asked in the past for your site to be considered and added to the list, could sites please fill in the following form and send it to the address shown.

  • The Development of Allotments in Birmingham

    Many thanks to the Moseley Society who have allowed us to copy and store this document on our website:

    From the flourishing Guinea Gardens of the Victorian age to the late 1970’s this document by Janet Berry records the history of Birmingham allotments.

    “By 1975 despite resistance by plotholders and tenants to the proposed
    modernisation, Birmingham was becoming ‘the allotment capital of Britain.’”