Birmingham & District Allotment Cooperative

Representing Allotment Gardeners & Associations Across Birmingham


Birmingham has the largest provision of allotments of any Local Authority in the UK with over 100 sites and nearly 7,000 plots. There is a range of plot sizes to suit most needs from a Mini plot (up to 84 sq m), to a Large plot (335 to 502 sq m). Some sites offer raised beds to encourage people to get started or keep going when things get too much. Rents vary according to the size of plot. Concessions are available to people over 65.

  • Rents & other costs (2023- 4)

    Rents & other costs (2023- 4)

    Rents are currently linked to cost of living index and range from £60.00 to £134.00 with a reduction for pensioners. To find out the exact costs …

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  • Plot sizes

    Plot sizes

    Plots were originally measured in rods but here in Birmingham they are measured in square metres. Plot category Approximate size Mini (category A* or M) Up to 84 square metres (100 square yards) Small (category A) 85 to 167 square metres (100 to 200 square yards) Standard (category B or C) 168 to 334 square…

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