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Management Agreement

  • A New Agreement

    Re-negotiation of the Allotment Management Agreement

    In 2020 Birmingham City Council, without consultation with BDAC sent out a new Allotment Management Agreement. The advice from the executive was that association officers should NOT sign and return it.

    A number of consultation meetings were called and at the last meeting at several plot holders volunteered to form a working party. The working party, with the help of The National Allotments Society, will explore ideas to draft a new agreement to take to the Council and also look at the possibilities and responsibilities of full Management of sites, whereby Associations lease the land and run the site independently. They will work through April and May.

    The National Allotment Society will give advice to Associations regarding Incorporation. Becoming an Incorporated Association limits liabilities to the Association. Most Associations in Birmingham are unincorporated at the present time. This means all members are “joint and severally” responsible for any liabilities.