News from Walmley Ash Allotments

Walmley Ash Allotment Community Project 2019/2020

In 2019 a project was launched to develop a plot of land which had become overgrown and neglected for some years.

The project would involve clearing and levelling the ground to provide an area for the construction of a number of raised beds and the purchase of a 6 metre x 3 metre gazebo. 

The finished project would provide a meeting area for plot holders, a classroom for the local primary school children who visit and also teenagers from the National Citizens scheme who come to carry out volunteer work. The raised beds will provide opportunities for vulnerable and disabled groups to visit and use the site in a safe environment.

The project was funded by generous grants from the Sutton Town Council and the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust.

With the uncertainty and restrictions imposed on the country by Covid19 there were occasions when we did not know when or if our project would go ahead or if we would be able to even start it. In addition, although we had been told we did not need planning permission BCC changed their minds and we had to make a planning application which took four months to get final approval which was finally granted in August 2020 further delayed the project.  As a result the costs of materials had increased and together with the unforeseen cost of the planning application an additional £1000 was added to the final cost.  Our association together with donations from our potholders helped towards the final bill.

Working with our contractors who had their own problems and by following Government and BDAC advice we managed to overcome the challenges and the project was finally completed in September 2020.

With the generous grants from the Sutton Town Council and Sutton Charitable Trust we have managed to provide a superb facility which will allow us to have more on site activities and community events and a covered meeting area.  The benefits on our mental and physical wellbeing on having or visiting an allotment are more relevant than ever in these uncertain times.  from Walmley Ash


Avian Flu Epidemic

Over the past few weeks there have been increasing numbers of break outs of Avian Flu across the country. Any plot holders with chickens on an Allotment Site need to check what guidelines they need to follow in order to protect their birds.

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