Secretaries page

For those of you who are new to the ‘Secretary’s World’ for most general enquiries you can contact your BDAC Allotment Advisor or contact us directly through and we will provide support. You should have your Advisor contact details and BDAC contact details on site and on display. If not, get in contact and request a copy.

e-mail :                     phone: 07746062410

Covid-19 Advice

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected Allotment Sites across the city. Click to get the latest Covid 19 advice , you will be re-directed to the National Allotment Society website’s Covid-19 page.

Hens on site

If plot holders wish to have hens on their plot they should be directed to “The Code of Practice for the Welfare of Hens and Pullets” set by the Government.

LATEST NEWS : Any plot holders with chickens on their plot should take special precautions to protect their hens from the current Avian Flu epidemic. The following link will take you to the relevant Government webpage. Avian Flu measures

The Flo Pickering Fund

Associations can ask for work to repair fencing and site roads, also to install a toilet where no toilets exist using this fund. To apply for works to be done please email : and ask for an application form. The completed forms will be forwarded to Clive Birch, our Chairman. Each year he consults with the Allotment Office to look at the applications, arrange visits to sites and get approval for the works.