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Setting Up A Gmail Account for Your Allotment Association.

BDAC advise all associations to setup a separate email account for their association rather than use a personal account. Doing it this way means that not only are your personal emails kept separate but when somebody gives up a post such as secretary the association will not lose all its emails, assuming that the account login details and password have been shared with another officer or committee member.

Sign up for a Gmail account

  1. Go to the Google Account sign-in page.
  2. Click Create account.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen to set up your account.

Create an account

You can either type into your browser or click on the above “Create an account link”

When you do this you should arrive at a page looking like this.

You will need to click on the Create account and then select personal and fill in First Name and Surname.

Followed by a date of birth and gender. You then will be offered possible name. Hopefully, the one you chose for your site will be available. Our advice is keep it simple, possible a shortened version of your site. In this example the site I wanted was available so click Next after selecting it.

Then comes the password. You can create a strong one that contains letters, numbers and symbols. At this point I would choose something simple (e.g. SpudPeas5!) as you will want to remember it and share it with other officers. At this point I would write it down. (Although, of course you should never write down passwords and usernames so destroy it later).

A verification code will be sent to the phone you specify.

Once you have typed in the code you will be asked to add another email address where a recovery email can be sent should you be locked out of the account. 

Your account is now set up and you can sign in. Press “Next”. I suggest you choose Express (1 step) unless you want to customise your experience and know what you are doing.

On the next screen read the information and scroll down to the bottom and choose “Accept All”.

There is another screen about your account settings which you need to “Confirm” at the bottom.

Then there are the Privacy and Terms which you need to agree to. “I agree”.

You will now go through to the welcome page, where you can add another phone number and change some settings.

If you click on the 9 dot square  at the top right you can select from a number of Google apps you get free with your account including gmail.

Gmail has a few settings you can change. At this point I would suggest you continue with smart features. On the next screen I would keep it simple and select “Use limited versions of other Google Products. You will need to confirm this on the next screen.

Google will shortly be changing the look of the sign-in page but if you  but to get to it  you can type

If you already have a personal gmail account you will need to switch to your different personal account or login via an Incognito session. Further details may be linked to the browser you are using.