Birmingham & District Allotment Confederation

Representing Allotment Gardeners & Associations Across Birmingham

About Us

If you have an allotment in Birmingham then you are a member of Birmingham & District Allotment Confederation. You may attend all meetings of the confederation and may observe the Executive meetings. You may contact the Secretary for advice on any matter relating to your plot. The group is independent of the Council but tries to work closely with it on many topics but is totally committed to working in the best interests of all plotholders.

There are two members meetings per year. The Annual General Meeting usually takes place in May and the Half Yearly Meeting in November.

The Executive meets monthly usually on the first Monday of the month. The Executive comprises of three offices; Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. In addition there are up to twelve committee members. These people are elected at the AGM. When a vacancy arises during the year the committee has the power to coopt members who have been attending meetings as an observer.

The city is divided into 7 areas supported by named executive members and a number of independent advisors. These are experienced plotholders with many years of experiences.

  • President:
    Chairman: David Read – Ward End
    Secretary: Hester Blewitt – Ward End
    Treasurer: David Rawlings – Aldridge Road

    Executive members
    Joe Brown – May Lane
    Yvonne Brooks – Westfield
    Cheryl Butler -Thornbridge Avenue
    Stuart Campbell Guest – Tennal Lane
    Paul Clarke – The Brambles
    Clive Fenn – Birches Green
    Dave Hubball -Thornbridge Avenue
    Richard Long – May Lane
    Darren Rainbird – Longmeadow
    Peter Thomas – May Lane
    Len Tubs – The Brambles
    Ross White – Harborne Lane
    John Whittaker – The Leys

    Additional Responsibilities
    Minutes Secretary: Dave Hubball
    Assistant Secretary: Position vacant
    Webmaster: Clive Fenn
    Show Secretary: Position vacant
    Fundraiser: Cheryl Butler

    The above list is incomplete and is being updated.

  • Advisors:
    Yvonne Brookes, Jenny Jupe, Bill Henry, Peter Jupe, Jason Hodges, Andy Poyner, John Spencer.