Heritage Project

Birmingham Allotment Association Heritage Project! 

Update from Project Manager Chris Poolman.

I just wanted to let you know about a couple of publicity related things – 

1. Website:

It includes information on all the different ways for getting involved in the project. Please circulate if you can. 

The Birmingham Allotment project website is now live & can be found here: https://www.thebirminghamallotmentproject.co.uk/

2. E-Flyer:

I have attached an e-flyer for the project. I would be grateful if you were able to circulate it through any networks you think might be interested.  goto: flyer link

3. Copies of Posters / Flyers

I (almost, by next week) will have copies of the flyer & project poster available as hardcopies. If you would like any of these for any allotment sites, please let me know – I am happy to post these to you / allotments across the city. 

I can also provide laminated copies of the poster. If anyone would like copies, please just drop me an email with the number they would like & a postal address. 

4. Volunteering Opportunities 

I just wanted to flag up that we are now looking to recruit a team of volunteers for the project (who will be trained in recording memories / undertaking oral history – all the info is on the website). 

If you are interested or know anyone who is interested, please get in touch, as the project really needs this team of volunteers to be a successful and meaningful project. I can do some of the interviewing, but a requirement of the funds is that I train volunteers & they do the interviewing. 

Please email generalpublicprojects@gmail.com or BDAC.
Or phone Chris on 07792 736125.

Birmingham Allotment Associations Wanted For Heritage Project! 

Birmingham based arts &heritage organisation General Public have approached BDAC about a project that would explore the heritage of allotments and their importance within Birmingham (in particular, memories and stories of allotment holders).
They wish to work with BDAC and Allotment Associations on a heritage project that will involve creating an archive of stories from the past that will be a lasting testament to the importance of allotments in Birmingham.
It would inspire, engage and encourage local people to learn about allotments, their history and their place in the city today.
They are aiming to secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Foundation to make the project happen.
As Birmingham has 113 allotment sites and nearly 7,000 plots, they think its something that the Heritage Lottery Fund would be really interested in.
They would like to see what allotment associations across the city are interested in been involved. To help shape the project development process, they are looking for answers or
feedback to the following three questions:
 Are you an allotment association that might like to be involved?
 Can you tell us a great story about your allotment site?
 Who would make a great interviewee on your site and why?
This would really help us develop the bid.
Please email generalpublicprojects@gmail.com or BDAC.
Or phone Chris on 07792 736125.