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Flo Pickering

The BDAC is concerned that due to the change in Allotment Officers and the fact that in the past site have either approached us, or gone direct to the Council, that we might not have a full list of sites that would like to have the Flo Pickering monies to undertake repairs on their sites.You will find attached a word document that we would like you to fill in and send to us with any repair requests-even if you know that you are on the list already but works have not yet been put into action. The form can be emailed back or printed off and sent to me.
Note: This funding is for roads, fences and toilets (where none exist).

Flo Pickering Form


We have our quarterly newsletter! Some of you have requested that we better inform you about our work, we hope that information on this web site and the newsletter will enable you to understand what role we perform and what works we undertake. 

Many Plot holders around the city are also unaware of the work we carry out and our services! We need your help in getting the message out. We would appreciate it if you would kindly download a copy from this web site and e-mail a copy to out your plot holders also display the newsletter on your noticeboards.

We meet regularly to discuss Allotment site issue and have meetings with the Allotment Department, representing Plot holders of Birmingham, working on your behalf. If you have any issues you believe we should be investigating, please get in touch.

For those of you who are new to the ‘Secretary’s World’ for most general enquiries you can contact your BDAC Allotment Advisor or contact us directly through and we will provide support. You should have your Advisor contact details and BDAC contact details on site and on display. If not, get in contact and request a copy.

For more serious issues the Allotment Officer will need to be contacted 

If you (Site Secretaries) need advice the first people to contact are, of course, your Area Advisors, however if you need to contact me, my contact details are as follows:

Barbara Smith

e-mail :                     phone: 07746062410