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Show Secretary Report Submitted to AGM 2018  

Show arrangements are on schedule   

·         Purpose of show

o   Because of the MAC policy and conditions on fund raising i.e. fund raising being confined the exhibition area and not the public areas it was considered not practical to deduce the competition space to provide for fund raising. It was agreed that the focus of Show is a Publicity Show Case for Allotments.

·         Venue

o   Midlands Arts Centre 25 th to 27 th August 2018

·         Schedules  

o   Have been sent out to all associations by Nikki Bradley

o   Last year’s exhibitors have received a copy by post

o   Anyone wanting a schedule contact 0121 384 7715 and will be posted.

·         Sponsorship

o   We are asking associations for a small donation this is to support the prize fund.

o   All donations and class sponsorship are to be sent to the show Treasurer Peter Thomas along with details what it is for.

·         Exhibitors

o   Would exhibitors and associations let the show Secretary contact 0121 384 7715 know if they plan to exhibit as soon as possible so I can plan the space required as this must be coordinated the MAC. Entry forms can be submitted by the agreed date.

·         Fund raising  

o   The tombola will continue and will be situated on the unused Stage Block in the show area,  

Anyone with Items or donations for tombola contact Anne Murphy and Mark Hanson.


o   We have recommended that the BDAC runs a raffle each day of the show for plotholder only to be drawn at 4.0pm each of the days (Sat, Sun & Mon) The prize is to have their rent for a single plot paid for the following year, the prize would not be transferable, and the Site, Name, & plot number would be recorded on their ticket.

o   Ticket price £1.50 could be less not confirmed at this moment.

o   Terms and conditions will be posted on the web site.

o   This would be funded by money saved from the container fund donated by the allotment Office. We checked Nikki to see if this permitted and permission was given.

·         Closing Sale

o   Because of the difficulties in controlling the sale in the space available it was decided by the executive not to hold a sale and to donate any donated produce to charity. John Shaw from Thornbridge Av has volunteered to deliver it.  

o   Requires further discussion to finalise detail.

·         Public area activities

o   BDAC Helpdesk.

o   NSALG Help desk.  

o   Allotment finder  

o   How to prepare Show Veg  

o   Children’s Activity sponsored by Westfields Allotments staff required

o   Allotment Self Promotion (for Associations) this is an opportunity for sites or a group of sites to promote themselves we would provide space for a small display for any site wishing do so. (fund raising not permitted)  

Provisionally 7 places. We need a commitment by Associations the beginning of June to allocate space or make alternative arrangements.

·         Guests

o   Who has confirmed  

·         Visual Projection Screen

o   Screen and projector is available

o   Can anyone contribute material as we have 8hrs running time each day.

o   Damien Vincent has said he will assist with the setting up testing the visual presentation

Thank you to:

The members present at the AGM acknowledge with a vote of thanks forthe assistance given to the BDAC by Robert Wilkinson Fairground Ltd because without it we would not be in the position we are.

Robert Wilkinson Fairground will be in its usual point in the park over the bank holiday.

Derek Cullen

Show Secretary

May 2018