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Hi everyone,
You all know by now that the Council want to take our allotments off us.
I am determined that we will not let this happen.
I need your help.
The Council claims that people want more leisure activities in the area.
They want to sell off our allotments to pay for more leisure activities.
We are the best leisure activity in the area.
Please take some SURVEY forms from the veranda, or print your own, and show to
your neighbours. Most of them will agree that NO, they do not want the allotments to
be sold. Ask them to circle the NO and give their name and address. Return the
completed forms either to me or leave in the folder in the veranda.
If you do door-to-door, please let me know which road.
I can’t do everything without your help. I have been up since 1.30 this morning writing
emails, making posters, printing survey forms, updating Robert’s Twitter page, sorting out
the feedback forms.
I am not complaining, but you must do something too.
Thank you.

Walsall Road Allotments

07969 269 494 
0121 681 0622

survey form click here 

Walsall Road Allotments have started a petition because previous assurances given by the council that their site, that is close to Alexander Athletics Stadium, wouldn't be affected by the re development plans, have now been withdrawn. The site is now being considered as part of a ' Legacy of the Games', final plans to be put forward in May. So we have until then to persuade the Council that it is better to keep the Allotments not to use the land for development. The Allotment Association has started an on line petition, and a facebook page SAVE WALSALL ROAD ALLOTMENTS. Walsall Road is a popular site, and those of you that watch the One Show would have seen it on many short films last year featuring Christine Walkden and Nadia Hussain.
The BDAC is doing all that it can to support the site and I know they would welcome any support from the sites across Birmingham. BDAC will keep you up dated as to the situation as it unfolds. The following is a link to the petition.

SAve Walsall Road Allotments Petition