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A Raffle Will Be Held at the 2019 Annual Show 

Raffle is to reward plot holders who attend the 2019 show. 

2018 winners were The late Micheal Jackson of the Leys allotment, Stuart Freeth & Dave Hubball both of Thornbridge Av.

Because of conditions attached to hire and use of space in the Midlands Arts Centre a raffle can only be held for the period of one working day and must be started and completed in that period and cannot be held in a public space, so it will take place alongside the Tombola in the competition arena. 

The Raffle will comprise of 

  • A single prize will be awarded each day of one-year free rent. 

  • Funded by savings made from the purchase of the container fund donation made by the allotment department of Birmingham City Council (permission has been given by the allotment Office to use the surplus funds for any show related purpose). 

  • A raffle would take place on each of three days of the show. 

  • It will only be open to any current Birmingham City allotment tenant who attends the 2019 annual allotment Show. 

  • The Prize each day will be payment of rent for a single allotment plot for the next calendar year 2019/20  

Each Raffle would run as follows 

  • Saturday 24th August to run between 9.00 am and 4.00pm with the draw taking place at 4.15pm  

  • Sunday 25th August to run between 9.00am and 4.00pm with the draw taking place at 4.15pm 

  • Monday 26th August to run between 9.00am and 4.00pm with the draw taking place at 4.15pm 

  • The Winning ticket will be posted at the show and on web site and social media. 

  • The proposed cost will be £1.50 per ticket, no restriction on number of tickets that can be purchased. 

  • The name, site & plot number would be recorded at time of purchase for each ticket. 

  • The prize would not be transferable and only be paid for the recorded plot. 

  • The Allotment Office and the Site Secretary will be informed of each of the three days winners  

  • The prize will be paid to the allotment office on 1/10/19 by the BDAC. Show Account. 

B.D.A.C Show Committee 

March 2019. 

Raffle Poster for Noticeboards

Raffle Terms and Conditions For Notice Board