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Notes from Exec Meetings

This page will show a condensed version of the minutes of exec meetings. Not all details can be published due to the sensitivity of some matters discussed. 

Notes from BDAC Executive Meeting held on March 4th 2019

Threat of disposal of Walsall Road allotments as part of the Legacy of the Commonwealth Games.

Meetings have been held with Leader of Council, Ian Ward, Director of the Games, Neil Carney, local media, local councillors and  meeting to take place with local MP. All support needed for our fellow plot holders at Walsall Road.

There will be a protest meeting outside Council House on Saturday 30th starting at 11.00. All are welcome.

Flo Pickering Fund - work has been started and new list is being submitted. View of Chair is that all that work relevant to Flo Pickering Fund is doable, including most recent requests.

Competitions - all competitions discussed and details will be sent out [there are no major changes] Essential for sites to enter especially the site competitions.

Show - will be at Midlands Art Centre over August Bank Holiday weekend - future sponsorship essential. Schedules on the way.

Local Issues

Reminder that Allotment services will not pay for skips. Ref burning there is flexibility if sites are neighbouring a school - eg half term dates.

Management Agreement = legal services have advised that same procedure as last time as "no extension" mentioned in agreement. Will advise.

NSALG - proxy votes to be sent to Mick Merrill.

Next meetings - 1st April, 13th May, AGM is on 1st JUNE

Other business - Lea Hall allotments - a private site in Handsworth had been sold with inadequate replacement of allotments.

Meeting closed at 20.25.

Notes from BDAC Exec. meeting 4th Feb. 2019

Complaints committee had met and action taken.

Flo Pickering - requests received, pro forma available on website.

Botanical Gardens asking for volunteers.

Show - cost of show - £8500. Agreed to give this amount from BDAC main account to enable progress to be made on staging show. All show income would go into the main account.

Need for sponsors and a prospectus was being drawn up with this in mind.

Repairs - BDAC is not taking on responsibility for general repairs etc this is the landlords work. BDAC has agreed to coordinate requests from Flo Pickering Fund.

Income from rents - request made for this information to see how money is spent.

Late rents paid direct to City - concern that committees were being railroaded into accepting a continued tenancy, this could not be tolerated. A late payment [in December] couldn't guarantee a continuation as plot could be let to another tenant.

Local committees - several diverse matters discussed and resolutions made. 

Health and Safety - further training requested - allotment officer to be approached.

Water - continued concern question of returning responsibility to City raised  if matters do not improve.

Trading Standards - it was felt that approaches to trading standards should be initiated by the City. A pro forma could be made available.

Walsall Road Allotments - meeting held at Kings Heath House - this was part of the Commonwealth Games "Legacy" several options outlined - disposal of whole or part of site, improvement to site, leave alone. It was clear disposal ideas were opposed.

Notes of BDAC exec meeting Jan 2019

  • Farewell to Nikki at Kings Heath House well attended by associations. This was greatly appreciated.
  • BDAC website to contain Data Protection Assirance
  • Flo Pickering Fund - details received from Nikki means progress should now be made. We are looking for a more efficient way of having money released from Fund. Submissions [incl. any already submitted] send to Clive Birch.
  • Show - needs major financial support - operating loss of £2978 in 2018.
  • Fruit trees on plots - rules allow UPTO 6 on a standard plot [300 sq.yda]. Management committees can use discretion if space is limited eg half plot.
  • Exec meetings - timetable for 2019 on website - observers welcome advise Chairman or Secretary beforehand.
  • Insurance cover for plot rent collectors - this is being investigated because of large sums being held.
  • Area Meetings - we are going to make these less formal ["chat with tea/coffee and biscuits"]. It is hoped to increase attendance and interest.
  • AGM suggestion we have an informal gathering [tea/coffee etc] before AGM