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Rule 6.2 (Hoses, Bonfires and Other Restrictions)

Replacement clause:

6.2 Where water containers of more than 220litres 945 gallons are used: they can only be used for harvesting and must not be filled via hosepipes (i.e. tap water). No water containers can be raised above 600mm (2 feet) above ground level.

Rule 10.3 (Sheds, Buildings and Structures)

Replacement Clause

10.3 A tenant may have one shed, one greenhouse and one poly tunnel. The maximum dimensions of a shed or greenhouse are 10' x 8' (3m x 2.4m) and a height of 8'x2" (2.6m). Sheds and greenhouses may be erected without prior consent from the Council BUT by agreement with the site Management Committee. Such structures must have guttering connected to a water container (e.g. butt,barrel).

Rule 10.5 (Sheds, Buildings and Structures)

Replacement clause:

10.5 A poly tunnel may not be erected without the prior permission of the Association and may not exceed 20' x 10' (6mx3m). Guttering must be attached for harvesting water.